La Salle Campus Barcelona is a campus of the Ramon Llull University, located in Barcelona, Cataluña (Spain).
Where three of the Ramon Llull University are located: University of Technical engeneering and Telecomunication Technics La Salle University of Superior /  Electronic Engineering and Informatic La Salle University of Superior / Architecture Technics La Salle
The campus host around 4000 students from 53 different nationalities. The campus offers university grades, PhD and 40 continuous training programs.
Visual Brand Identity
The brief was to redesign the corporate identity of this centre clean and functional this change goes hand in hand with the university values. An historical entity such as the Ramon Llul in which the most advanced careers are taught. The main objectives of the institution are: 
- To transfer knowledge to the students who join their education programs.
- To transfer human resources in the society, through the incorporation of their graduates to the companies.
- To transfer the latest technological advances to create value in those places where they would be useful and necessary.
- To transfer companies created by the Technological Innovation and Business Park and to contribute to the business network development.
In this part we can see different uses of the logo. It is very important to define these possible variations from the beginning, as the logo will need to be used on various types of background throughout the whole life of the project. Although the background varies, the logo will always follow brand values.
A logo by itself is just a logo. Identity is what gives strength to it. Together with all surrounded elements we can feel that we are breathing the same air of modernity. This identity is the union of all the different elements the customer used to differentiate themselves from others. Among all these elements we could highlight the logo and the merchandising.
We choosed Helvetica typeface to represent La Salle for its neutrality and great clarity. It has no intrinsic meaning in its form and is one of the most widely used sans-serif due to its possible use on a wide variety of signage.
Color Palette
The color palette is composed of primary and accent colors. They have been chosen to work harmoniously with each other and to develop the brand colors following the values of La Salle.
We have developed the University La Salle whole new corporate image, for all their programs.
We have developed the University La Salle whole new corporate image, for their international group of La Salle Universities.
A brand manual has been created to include all the different versions and uses of the logo. The document gathers all principals graphic elements of the brand and detail all possible visual use of them both online and offline. The manual describes how is the logo, the corporate colors, the typography they shall use… In the end, all elements that compose the visual aspect of the brand.
Their constant concern was to keep a direct contact with their students. Since communication generates transparency and transparency, trust.