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A Meter-less solution, Sugar View solve the initial barrier to manage patients diabetes by educating and helping them to take meaningful measurements.
By taking a picture of the stripe the patients with T2 diabetes know if there are in range or not.
Business Need
Increase penetration in emerging markets.
Active strip durability and mobile development.
Reduce meter replacement (E.g. Brasil).
Reaching a new consumer

. T2 diabetes patients
. Oral or diet or non-insulin
. Emerging markets
. Low education on diabetes
. Low-middle eco
Archetypes are modelled around a behavioural perspective. Using archetypes gives us a better view of behaviour in interaction design. A common representation of a group, it's basic objectives and motivations, it's usual goals, their typical behaviour.
. The struggler
. The rational simplifier
. The strategic optimiser
. The cynical minimiser
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This user flow detail the complete sum of experiences that the customer goes through when interacting with the App. It documents the full experience of being a user of the app whether you are a sender of a messenger. It gives an overview of the entire experience and identify key interactions users have with the App.
Sugar View comes from the idea that thanks to you mobile phone camera you can view your sugar values. It has been chosen for its clear and easy understanding. In a second, the idea of the project can be understood.
UX: Wireframes
Once the user flow was finished, I could prepare the prototype phase. During this phase I have detailed all the important and needed screen of the project. I wanted to present the project and submit it to some tests, for these tests we stayed at a structural level. Thanks to these wireframes I have ensured that the page content and the functionalities were positioned correctly based on users and the business needs.
Following the navigation of the user allowed us to find out the pain points of the mobile app. It also helped to reduce the number of steps of the process or even calculate the time it takes to complete a search.
Colorful and full of energy, simple and clean screens are the hymn of this new company. ONWAY positionate themselves as a disruptive model and every single element must follow.
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Since the beginning of the project we have insisted as much as possible on the user friendliness with intuitive, clear icons and easy steps to follow. The sharing economy is facing challenges, the successful adoption will only be possible with a good product interaction.
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