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Catalunya Caixa is a financial institution with headquarters in Barcelona owned by BBVA, and absorbed by it in 2016. Its area of influence is located mainly in Catalonia. It was the fourth largest savings bank in Spain in terms of consolidated assets, with €81.020 billion. They focus on quality retail banking, which is materialized in a personalized service for individuals and companies, where customers have their own manager. The direct contact with the client and the commitment to the territory are the main values of the entity, which has a large team of professionals and an extensive network of offices and ATMs to provide service to its customers, responding to the philosophy of Bank Km. 0, Proximity bank. The entity is part of the BBVA Group, one of the most solid financial groups in the world, leader in the field of technological and digital transformation.
With the aim of promoting the new payroll campaign, Catalunya Caixa has chosen to opt for a viral video. The promotion was to offer 50% of the mobile phone bill to customers who will domiciliate their payroll on their Catalunya Caixa bank account.
Campaign concept : Llama a tu iaia! (Translation: Call your granny!)
Times fly, drinks, friends and your couple... What about your granny!? Your granny loves you and just need a call from you to be happy! From now on you can call your granny all the time you want. If you domiciliate your payroll we will reward you with 50% of your mobile phone bill. And your granny will be happy!
FACEBOOK and twitter
To follow up with the IAIA concept a social network strategy was created. The target was to diffuse the video at maximum and share the campaign payroll. To follow with the viral diffusion we have created animated GIFs. The results obtained have exceeded significantly the goal planed at the beginning. It took only 8 days to exceed the total goal established, both in impressions and visualisations of the video. Visualisations : 599k VS 171k Impressions: 11.M VS 9.8M