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NATIVE UNION is an award winning design brand with products available in the finest retailers globally. Founded in 2009, two young entrepreneurs met in Hong Kong, a fast-paced melting pot where different lifestyles converge. Inspired to create a personal brand as a response to a changing world in which the lines between work and play have blurred, the brand develops a complete range of accessories and devices for the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
From graphics on the product to packaging but also user manual, I have managed all the graphic design of the Pop Phone within the company. My work includes collaboration with major brands such as Colette, London underground for the Olympic games, Conrad, etc for special editions.
Same as the Pop Phone, I was in charge of all the graphic design related to the Switch. The packaging is a high quality window box designed to protect the product during transportation but also share the main funcionalities to the customer at the time of the purchase. Following the branding of Native Union, the design of the packaging is very clean, elegant and simple using high quality materials.
Clic Wooden are the phone case designed by Native Union. In this project I have also managed all the graphic design part, but also done a trend research in order to select the colors that will be part of the family range. The packaging at this time was innovative from the rest of the market. A color matching window box made of recycle syle paper to share the natural values of the wood.
Regarding the gripster, I have decided to go for a closed box packaging as the product by itself was not as interesting as other products to show. I took the oportunity of the size of the packaging to show the various possibility of use of the product. I also used some icons in order to list the specifications of the Gripster. The glossy effect on top of the illustration is giving a qualitative touch to the packaging.
The company was attending many shows around the world such as the CES in Las Vegas, Boxpark shoreditch in London, Bread and butter and IFA in Berlin, Maisons et Objets in Paris, The Hong Kong electronic fair, etc... I was in charge to design all the graphical part of our booths. From the walls to the product display but also product descriptions and leaflet.
Social media was a great oportunity for the company to leapfrog traditional media and to create a direct relationship with customers. Telling them great story with branded content helped to connect with them in real time. The brand became a hub for a community of consumers designed to generate key information in the world of the fashion tech.
The company had a constant need in producing new photos to be published online, social media, blogs, prints (newspaper/magazines/journals), etc. Images were the true miror of our customers lifestyle, young, fashionable and entrepreneurship. These images comunicate the Native Union experience value, inovation trough materials and attention to details. Native Union accessories are first and foremost design to be funcional and improve user experience.