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URBAN CLICHÉS is a postcards brand and an online community for photographers aiming to share the Hong Kong’s beautiful heritage and culture. Through its monthly contest, the community elects a winning photography to join the existing postcard range. Streets, transportations, food and much more, Hong Kong daily life is an endless experience of things that makes the city so unique.
I have chosen to go for a simple logo with no overdrawn to be easily recognizable and timeless. The logo had to be versatile in order to be used in any type of support whether digital or prints. It represents the value of the company, modern the font accompanied the icon made with the U and the C (Urban Clichés initials) in a photographic lens shape to represent the photography world.
The logo style varies using signle color and transparency in order to adapt to any support and background and keep its effectiveness.
As an example, the logo used on the front side of the corporate business cards is surrounded with a white margin to make it stand out.
The word Avenir stands in French for "Futur" with a positive connotation. As the name suggests it the typography family takes its inspiration from the geometric style sans-serif typeface developed in the 1920s that took the circle as a basis. This typography is matching our brand values: Urban Clichés, the city, and its clichés.
Color Palette
Red, the most powerful color as being used with parsimony to reflect the vibrance and dynamism of the city. The dark is the symbol of the concrete and the tall buildings that make up Hong Kong's iconic skyline. Greens have been used to represent the 38% lands protected. The logo represents the high contrast between the nature and the dynamic city centre.
The objective of this collection is to give tourists/expats the opportunity to bring a part of Hong Kong back in their suitcase. There is a postal for every taste and tourist, from those fond of Buddhism to the most adventurous but also the concrete lovers and the expats who call Hong Kong home. Flashy pictures, with subjects on the first plane that emerge in this incredible experience called HONG KONG
The packaging was aimed to offer the full range of 32 postcards available to collect all the things and experiences that make Hong Kong so unique. It had to follow the image of Urban Clichés, simple and elegant. The two buttons are the same used to close envelops in Hong Kong, this detail was a reference to it and allowed the customer to open and review the various designs without damaging the pack. The graphics used are the same as those on the back of the postcards. The full pack can be sent that way just by adding a stamp and filling the address of the receiver.
Tailormade displays with various designs to fit each type of retail. Depending on the location, the available space or the type of customers. Displays are designed one by one for each new necessary as needs are differents between a souvenirs gifts shop, a library or a mall. The goal is to have the best possible visibility in the space allocated by the shop owner.
The website has 4 main parts, a showroom, an eCommerce, the contest and the map. The showroom is the display of the full range of postcards, customer can have a glance at all of them before they look for a store to buy them per unit or before buying the pack online. The eCommerce was designed to sell the full pack of 32 postcards to those customers who have been to Hong Kong and would like to keep a souvenir of their experience. Another main part is the contest section where all the details are listed for photographers who want to join the community and be part of the collection. Finally, the map is an interactive page where the customer can navigate and see where all the clichés have been taken around Hong Kong territory. They also can check where the nearest shops are to buy the nicest postcards in Hong Kong.
This wireframe is a visual map where the skeletal framework is represented. When I created the wireframe I focused on the following:
· The range of available functions
· The different priorities of information and functions
· Rules when displaying certain kinds of information
Being a web dedicated to promote photographs, the content had to have a strong power of attraction. The postcards also had to share the same feeling as if the user was having them on hands. The intuitive and playful city map encourages you to look around the city and discover new places. Pictures of each page and sections were selected with special care to make sure they always matched the information we wanted to share, inspiring postcards' nostalgic and let them dream again.
The style guides of Urban Clichés gather colours, typography, buttons and icon styles. The main purpose of the style guides is to create a consistency throughout the project. It helps to document important styles before starting work and make sure that everyone involved in the project are on the same page from the outset. Size of guide styles can vary in size and scope from a simple description of fonts and colours to be used to a complete cataloguing of tone of voice, photographic content, and much more.
The activity on social media consented to share on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account photos of the Hong Kong daily life. We used the opportunity of the community we had to promote the current range of postcards available, events, new shop opening and the contest.