Infographic Design


EDM is an investment fund representing 2239 customers with 28 years of experience and a total asset of more than €3.234M managed with representation in Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, Luxembourg and Mexico. The company held a yearly seminar in Madrid and Barcelona to present their anual results where their main shareholders are invided. The video presented below is the presentation I was asked to prepare for the semnirar. I had to use the raw information provided and organize it in a way the data could be visualised and used for the live presentation. The target was to modernize the format, this is when I have suggested an animated graphic presentation. In order to retain the information, we have saved the presentation and offered to all participant an nice gift box including the corporate pen drive with the presentation. 
Animated infography video
The information can be profitable and/or elegant but only when it is well presented. I work on infographics to explain complicated data in a simple way.
The methodology I follow:
1.Data collection
This is where it all starts, collect all the raw data from various documents in order to prepare the full picture.
2.Review everything
Even though, it is hard to interpret complicated/technical data, it is important to review all documents in detail to make sure we are not missing an important information.
3. Build a story
From the moment we have all information on hands, we can start to create the story around data, highlight trends and making sense of it.
4.Identify problems
In this case, all data were following the reality, but this is a good moment to step back and double check that the data aggregated is matching the reality.
5. Create a hierarchy
Together with the customer, we discussed on their preferences in order to highlight most important data.
6. Build the wireframe
Once the important data has been selected, we create the wireframe of the infographic, organizing the information from the beginning to the end of the video.
7. Select the right format
Bar, line, pie charts, diagram, flowchart, etc. Each data has it own format, the target is to find the best representation.
8. Design visual approach
This is the moment when we adapt the infographics to the client brand guideline.
9. Fine tuning and testing
As the presentation was due to be presented during a live presentation during the general assembly, the fine tuning was mostly adapting the tempo of the infographics in order to match the speech.
10. Releasing it into the world
The live presentation went very well and the infographic video was offered to all participants.
This packaging is the gift that was offered to all the participants / partners who have assisted the 10th anniversary event. To follow the high end values EDM represents, it is made with high quality material, matte finished and silver stamping for a first quality finishing. The box includes a branded USB stick with the animated information explained during the act and the corporate catalog.